[DMV] DC BoiMela 2024

The DC BoiMela Organizing Committee is excited to host a grand Book Fair on the 1st and 2nd of June 2024, celebrating the theme ‘বিশ্বজুড়ে বাংলা বই’ (Bangla Books Worldwide). The venue is yet to be decided, but the event promises to be a significant gathering for book lovers and the Bangladeshi community.

Event Flow:

  1. Mangal Shovajatra: Kickstarting the fair, this traditional procession symbolizes the spirit of Bangla culture and literature, bringing the community together in a vibrant and colorful celebration.
  2. Inaugural Ceremony: The official opening of the book fair, setting the stage for two days of literary exploration and cultural celebration.
  3. Recognition Ceremony: Honoring notable contributors to Bangladeshi literature and culture, acknowledging their invaluable impact.
  4. Book Discussion: Engage in insightful discussions about new releases, classic works, and various literary topics with authors, critics, and fellow enthusiasts.
  5. Cultural Ceremony: Immerse yourself in the rich Bangladeshi culture through performances that showcase traditional music, dance, and art.
  6. Writer’s Talk: A unique opportunity to interact with renowned and emerging authors, delve into their creative processes, and get inspired by their literary journeys.

The DC BoiMela 2024 is not just a book fair; it’s a celebration of Bangla literature and culture, an opportunity to connect, learn, and celebrate the diversity of the Bangladeshi community. Stay tuned for further details on the venue and additional features of the fair.

  • The event is free and open for all. 
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Jun 01 - 02 2024


All Day

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DC BoiMela Organizing Committee
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